Ashley Fuel, Inc.

Ashley Fuel, Inc. has been accredited by the BBB since December 1997 and has not received a single customer complaint within BBB's last reporting period of 36 months.

About Ashley Fuel

Thanks to the efforts of Senator Edward M. Kennedy and his work to begin the S. B. A. low Doc loan program to help small businesses. Ashley Fuel was able to get the capital we needed to begin operating. It was an honor to be introduced at a press conference by Senator Kennedy as the first business in the nation to be approved by the "low doc" loan in 1994. Ashley Fuel has been providing quality service and fuel delivery ever since, for over twenty years. We feel fortunate that when the owners of two local oil companies,Leclerc fuel and Great hill oil, wanted to sell their businesses, They chose to sell to us and trusted us to continue caring for there customers. We are a small, family owned and operated company. We do not have customers all over Massachusetts like the big companies. Instead, we have a more personal approach. When you call, we know you by your name, not just by your account number. We work with our customers to provide solutions to their home delivery and service needs. If you are not a customer, We want you as one, if you are a customer, we want to keep you as one.

Please contact us. We are proud of our products and our service team. We are big enough to serve you, Yet small enough to know you. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

24 Hour Burner Service

Delivery & Payment

Water Heater Service

Tank Guard Protection

Ashley Fuel offers 24 hour emergency service to our heating oil customers. Call (978) 921-1400 or Schedule Service Online for Non-Emergency Situations.

Ashley Fuel offers timely payment and quantity discounts. Our budget payment program allows you to make 12 equal monthly payments. Click here to learn more.

Ashley Fuel can take care of all your oil related hot water problems or concerns. Call (978) 921-1400 or Schedule Service Online for Non-Emergency Situations.

Protect your family and home by enrolling in our TANK-GUARD Program. TANK-GUARD is an effective rust and corrosion inhibitor. Click here to learn more.